March 4, 2024

The Onus Difference: Navigating the Future of Healthcare and Well-being

Explore the unique intersection of health and finance that Onus offers. Discover how our digital health management, insurance technology, and innovative wellness finance solutions are reshaping the landscape of health and financial empowerment.
The Onus Difference: Navigating the Future of Healthcare and Well-being

Who is Onus? 

Welcome to an innovative approach where technology meets compassionate health solutions. Onus is not just an insurance provider; we’re a dynamic ecosystem designed to empower and inspire users on their unique health journeys.

Empowering with Purpose. The Onus Philosophy.

Founded on the belief in empowerment and inspiration, Onus is more than a company; it's belief in vitality that is backed by our core values. So how does Onus translate this philosophy into a tangible, accessible reality? Let's unravel the layers of innovation and user-centricity that define Onus.

What Onus Brings to Your Smartphone.

1. Tailored Coverage in Minutes

Imagine insurance designed around your life, your needs, and your preferences. Onus eliminates the one-size-fits-all approach by allowing users to customize policies effortlessly through our app. Whether focused on hospital coverage, mental health, dental care, or alternative treatments, Onus ensures your insurance aligns perfectly with your unique health needs. For example, when you sign up with Onus, you can customize and pick and choose your very own insurance policy. Do you only need insurance for major events or emergencies such as visiting the hospital? Would you like dental care, general medical care, medication coverage, and hospital but do not need mental wellness care or optical insurance? Or would you like to be covered for additional alternative health and wellness treatments and have the option for telemedicine? Then that's all up to you, you can truly choose a variety of events that you would like to be covered for (even all if you’d like to), and that way you’ll have more control over the premiums you pay.

2. Transparent Pricing that pays back

Transparency is one of the core values at Onus. Users have the privilege of understanding precisely how their premium is calculated, fostering a relationship built on trust. What's more, is the cashback incentive—a reward for making healthy choices and not requiring frequent claims. It's an empowering approach, aligning your health with your financial well-being. For instance, if you lead a healthy lifestyle and do not need to claim for a few years, then you can get the surplus that you’ve been paying back, or perhaps choose to donate it to one of our causes such as research into new cures and lifestyle changes to combat disease or other causes such as assisting people who do not have access yet to healthcare.

3. The Wellness Fund.Your Health, Your Way

The introduction of the Wellness Fund provides a new approach to financial wellness. Users can contribute to this interest-bearing fund, providing a cushion for unforeseen health expenses. The fund also serves as an alternative to traditional insurance, allowing users greater flexibility and control over their health investments. This is an additional feature we are excited about and allows our customers to save up for any additional expenses that may occur. Our wellness fund is an interest-bearing fund that is designed to accumulate funds specifically for health. You can withdraw these funds at any time or use them for costs such as medication, supplements, doctor visits, or other wellness programs. Even if you do not want to purchase insurance, you can still use this fund as your personal health and wellness fund which you contribute to regularly.

4. Your Health Journey, Safely Stored.

Onus believes in challenging the conventional role of insurance and reshaping the relationship between lifestyle and insurance premiums.  We aren’t just your health insurance, we become your health companion. Through our health record, you can capture and store every nuance of your health journey. From routine checkups to significant diagnoses, lifestyle choices, and even data from your smartwatch, Onus creates a comprehensive repository of your health history and data. This can be beneficial as you and your provider can have an overview of your health over the years, and even help them with diagnosis in certain cases. Even if you switch healthcare or wellness providers, they will be able to see your health history in a snapshot. Tired of having to fill out surveys when visiting a new provider or when being admitted to the hospital? With Onus, you just have to allow the other party access to your data, and they can seek all the answers they need from you. By willingly sharing your data, you can unlock premium discounts. The healthier the lifestyle, the lower the premium—an inspiring way of encouraging healthier living while contributing to valuable health insights. What’s more, is that when we see you live an active and healthy lifestyle, we can even reduce the premiums that you are paying. Our goal is to motivate and inspire health as much as possible so that you remain healthy and do not need medical attention, which saves you health and money.

5. Data Privacy with a Purpose

In an age where data privacy is paramount, Onus takes an uncompromising stance. Users exercise complete control over who accesses their health data. Users can decide to share their health data anonymously with Onus, and we can use this information for anonymized studies or trends. This way you can help solve a lot of lifestyle-related health issues for the community around you.

6. Human Touch in the Digital Realm

While Onus makes processes more efficient and streamlines the experience more through automation and AI, Onus recognizes the irreplaceable value of human interaction. Users can seamlessly connect with real people when needed, ensuring a personalized touch in the digital landscape.

Redefining Accessibility and Affordability.

Beyond our features and experience, Onus introduces a shift in accessibility and affordability. Leveraging automation and AI, Onus drives down premiums, dismantling the barriers traditionally restricting access to quality healthcare. Onus is more than an insurance provider; it's a gateway to a healthier, more inclusive future.

Inspiring Wellness. The Onus Mission.

Onus isn't merely mitigating risks; it's fundamentally about prevention and inspiration. Onus is at the forefront of reshaping how we perceive and approach health insurance by prioritizing prevention, holistic health, creativity and innovation, data privacy, and ownership.

Your Health, Your Onus.

As we navigate the intricate journey of health and wellness, Onus places the control firmly in our hands. Your health, your choices, your journey—Onus is not just an insurance provider; we’re a partner in your well-being.

Welcome to the future of health insurance. Welcome to Onus.

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